Start games with as little as 1% downloaded

Up to


faster game starts

Up to


lower patching costs



to get your test setup

Play more wait less!

Game and patch downloads take too long
Give gamers nearly instant, Netflix-like access to games

Game downloads outsized increases in bandwidth

Download time for a 50 GB game:

Resequencing data 
stream to gamers

Games start with as little as 1% downloaded, and while playing, the rest of the download continues in the background
• Uncompromised local gameplay
No source code changes 
• No performance penalties

Hassle free evaluation

Test ROCKITPLAY FastStart Services in your own environment

Within 48 hours we stand up a test setup

Ask us for your login credentials

Evaluating is easy

Evaluating ROCKITPLAY services is fast, simple, free 

With no integration required, no heavy lifting 

Works almost out of the box and includes a demo launcher for fast track testing 

One simple step to launch

Just like an additional service layer, ROCKITPLAY runs on any public or private cloud

Ready to launch? Seamlessly move from evaluation to operation.

Integrate the ROCKITPLAY RTE into your launcher – done!

Gamers Love FastStart

In recent trials, over 90% of participating gamers were very satisfied with ROCKITPLAY FastStart and would like to see a feature like FastStart implemented in their favorite game store.* In addition, 76% shared they would rather buy a game with FastStart implemented than the same game without it. And 77% confirmed, they would try MORE games if these were available with FastStart.

*In March, the company completed an end-to-end test employing THQ Nordic’s playable teaser of Gothic, in preparation for large scale deployment, distributing games to users worldwide. Survey data was taken employing Antidote’s post-experience user survey.

[Fast] Start now.

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We are testing new games in collaboration with leading game publishers and need testers! 

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ROCKITPLAY FastStart, developed by DACSLABS is for game publishers, digital stores and gamers